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Why can't we be Kids always

Met a good old school friend yesterday. Lots of talk, lots of memories. To my greatest surprise, got a the high school photograph from him through a friend who was lost for almost 20 yrs. Thanks to social networking. I kept staring at the picture all this morning. Entire life cycle kind of runs through your mind at light speed. I don't have any words, just emotions, just emotions.

I wish we could all be the same innocent kids we were growing up; Not bothered about what will happen tomorrow or what has happened yesterday, just living in the present celebrating simple little things; be it sharing your bench with the best friend or sitting next to the tree you planted anticipating it to grow every 5 minutes or playing till the last minute of exams not worrying what would happen if not prepared.

We sure have grown and come a long way, not sure in the right direction.

YET another day NOT!

Last year when we visited India during the Mumbai attack, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was a house hold name all across India. Major Unnikrishnan was the brave heart who was martyred while fighting against the terrorists alone at the Taj Mahal Hotel. The Major ordered his colleagues not to enter the floor he was in as he had corned the terrorist(s) in a single hotel room and assured everyone that he is more than enough to deal with them.

Unfortunately he didn't know the count of the terrorists in that room.

As he rushed in to the room by breaking the door open and the fires got exchanged from all ends. The terrorist who was facing Unni died immediately in the fire exchange but there were 2 more terrorist who were hiding being the entrance door. Without any backup to cover him up, Unnikrishan suffered several rounds of firing on his back and collapsed on his feet. He died a hero's death. A true hero, who fought literally till his last drop of blood for his country.

I and Shwetha visited Unnikrishan's home, which is about 10 Km from Yalahanka towards Devanahalli in a remote suburb. We expected a decent if not huge crowd gathering at his home and it won't be much difficult to find out the obvious home. But to our surprise we had to ask 3 guys, take 2 U-turns, do some counting of house numbers and a final guess work to nail it. There was a family member who was walking in the compound talking over his cellphone and without we asking anything he welcomed us in.

We laid the flowers and the letter next to Unnikrishanan's photograph and paid our tribute to true servant of the country.

We came back to the us the next week. I used to look forward to a reply back the Unnikrishan's family pretty much every other day; for about a month. After a while we got busy with the work and daily life. It's close to an year now since the incident took place.. I had completely forgotten about the reply I was about to receive; but, then there is TODAY!. Well.. it's just not another day..

A Message From Unnikrishnan's parents.

"We, the parents of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, humbly request you to pardon us for the delay in responding to your above message.
We are going through the heap of messages only now.
We do not know how to thank you people for taking time out of your own personal affairs to praise and condole our loss at the same time.
We have learned quite a lot of lessons of positive and negative category during this ten months.
Now we pull on in the memory of our beloved and are trying to help others who are suffering, not soldiers alone.
Thank you and thank you again and again, or else what we can do in this world.

- Unnikrishnan & Dhanalakshmi"

Life in Bengaluru with Rajini Saaru

once i was walking in the jungle with my heerooine.
at that time there were many mosquitoes biiting her. she was wearing blue dress and mosquitoes are attracted to bluuue.

what to do.

eh jujubi

ore rajini style le i took out my maaarker and wrote brown on her tee shirt
mosquito came near thinking that she was wearing blue but read brown and got confused and stopped biiting.



mosquito might be coming from drain, but cannot beat rajini's brain

rajini sir..

Seinfeld Scripts

Love the fact that something like this could be available online.


Next time I watch it, I will have the script printed in front of me.

Vodoo Magic to upload your pics

Ever thought it's too much pain to upload all the 8 zillion pics you took to keep your friends and families updated about your whereabouts?

Ever wondered if with a touch of a button your pics could get uploaded automatically?

Well.. here is something which might be of use.

The way it works is,
1. You come back from your photographic expedition
2. Sit on your couch and power on your camera
3. 30 seconds later check your pics uploaded in your flickr, picassa, shutterfly.. bla.. bla..

* assumes you have wi-fi at home.

blasts in india

With so many bomb blasts in India everyday, my new year resolution would be to stop getting bothered by these news and start responding in my own little way.
I miss the desi radio channels here in the US. Recently here is an online one I came across which does live streaming of audio real time.

It would be great if someone could start a local desi AM/FM station.

plants, farming

These days, whenever I see an empty box, I feel like putting dirt in it and growing plants and herbs. Small or big, it doesn't matter. I just feel like growing plants of all sizes which could fit in those open boxes.

The tech museum

Last week guha invited me for a free show to an IMAX movie in the tech Museum. Exams to S meant, I could readily go. I just said yes without second thought.

Needless to say the IMAX theater was the best I saw with all the latest tech in audio and video, the thing that impressed me the most was the museum itself. This was my first visit to San Jose tech museum. Somehow all previous attempt to visit it were failures, may be I was not curious enough. I thought it would be just another museum with all the usual good things to showcase.
Well.. it was NOT. It ofcourse show cased all the goody good things but it also showcased some of the things that I do for my living. Chip designing. It had little workshop stations which one could play around with to configure little circuits, systems, chips!. It was overwhelming.

I have to museums in the past, not a lot but yeah i have. I have seen several great things in tech museums, like the first draft model of write bother's airplane, Or a soil sample from mars, or a Gigantic diamond etc. but never anything close to circuit design. This felt special. It was 5 minutes to close, so we couldn't spend much time there. However we managed to quickly rig up couple of circuits.

PDA get-together

Met with old college friends last weekend. Met S and A after almost 8 years. Other two folks R and V have been living in the neighborhood for quite sometime now. It was good fun. Waiting for S to invite us all again next weekend.

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